Friday, April 06, 2007

More Peevish Advice?

My manuscript, More Peevish Advice, has been sent to Infinity Publishing. By June, I should have my proof copy. After I make corrections, the book should be ready by mid-July.

I sent Infinity this cover shot, which Jeff Reid took last summer and which the Smith Mountain Eagle is graciously letting me use for the cover shot. It'll be interesting to see how Infinity's artist will incorporate it into the cover.

Watch this space for where you can buy More Peevish Advice and where I'll—er, Ida B. Peevish—will make appearances.

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House on the Glade Hill said...

I found Jeff Reid online blogging. I liked his pictures and artwork, as well as his writings. Very nice!

Does Ida Lou give advice over that new-fangled computer doohicky or do I have to write to that big important hoity-toity newspaper?